We have invested in your future by purchasing new, clean-diesel motor coaches. Ride the Green Revolution! Ride with Holiday Motor Coach!

Clean Diesel Engines:
Reduces Emissions. Low Impact on the Environment.

We’ve got the best of both worlds…Luxury and comfort combined with environmentally friendly engines! Read below about how our coaches benefit you and the environment:

How does motor coach travel protect the environment?

Motor coaches are a greener, fuel-efficient way to go, naturally. Each coach carries as many as 56 passengers, which keeps numerous cars off the road, ultimately reducing emissions and traffic congestion. A motor coach uses about 17 gallons of fuel to travel 100 miles (assuming 6 miles per gallon). Taking the same number of people the same distance by car would use 70 gallons of fuel.

Is travel by motor coach really a greener way to ride?

Given all of today's transportation options, the motor coach is the best way to travel if you're looking to minimize your output of carbon dioxide during your trip. Travel by motor coach uses less fuel and produces less CO2 than comparable travel in other modes of long-distance transportation.

An even fainter footprint is ahead. Our newest motor coaches are cleaner still, due to low-emission, clean-diesel engine technology mandated by the EPA that includes a diesel particulate filter. The DPF, in combination with Ultra Low Sulfur Fuel, cuts particulate matter by 90 percent. The new coaches emit about 16 pounds of CO2 per passenger on a 236-mile trip.

What does "powered by clean-diesel technology" mean?

Diesel is the world's most efficient internal combustion engine, providing more power than gasoline, compressed natural gas or liquefied natural gas. A new emission control system, particulate traps that collect the black soot, new low-ash oil, and ultra low sulfur diesel fuel add up to a huge improvement in emissions reductions.

Do you use Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel or Bio-Diesel Fuel?

Our newest motor coach models can run on either Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel or a Bio-Diesel blend.

In addition to your new clean diesel coach models, what other ways do you conserve energy?

Our coaches feature components that help us to minimize fuel consumption, including the SmarTire® tire pressure monitoring system. We subscribe to our tire manufacturers' recycling program. Drivers are well-trained and adhere to appropriate driving standards to conserve fuel. We recycle all fluids and have a stringent maintenance program in place that keeps our fleet in top shape for better fuel efficiency.